Things I Need/Want/Would Die To Have

1. I love these bags and have been looking at them on Etsy for months

2. A bicycle.  It’s getting warmer outside and I just want to be able to ride a bike around.  Mine got stolen last summer and I am now stuck walking everywhere.  It’s hard cause I want a bike that is functional in Salt Lake City, but would like it to be cute too…does such a bike exist?  We’ll see.

3. An external flash that I can attach to my camera.  I keep borrowing Laura’s and I think it’s time I just get my own.  Just gotta find one that is compatible with my Canon 40D.

4. In the same vein, I would kill for a ring flash too!!!  They create the most beautiful lighting.  Haven’t done enough research yet to know which ones would fit my lens.

5. A Polaroid instant film camera that shoots Type 100 film.
i.e. any of the following:
Polaroid Colorpack II Land Camera
Polaroid Colorpack II Land Camera 1960's

Polaroid Automatic 100 Land Camera
Vintage Polaroid Automatic 100 Land Camera

Polaroid Super Shooter
Vintage Polaroid Super Shooter Instant Camera

Polaroid Super Shooter
1970's Polaroid Super Shooter

6. A Polaroid SX-70 Camera.
This is just one I found on Etsy:  Rainbow One Step
Vintage Polaroid SX-70 Rainbow One Step Camera

7. A Twin Lens Reflux camera to try out TTV Photography.  Sounds cool, I want to try it.
These are a few cameras I found that would work, there are lots though I think.
Argus Super 75 Vintage Argus Super 75 twin lens reflex camera and leather case

Spartus Full-Vue Vintage Spartus Full-Vue twin lens camera

Richomatic 44 1956 Vintage Richomatic 44 Twin lens reflex 127 film camera SALE

8. Also, a camera that shoots 620 film.  Something like one of these:
Imperial Mark VII Flash 1950s IMERIAL MARK VII FLASH CAMERA  -  Vintage Camera  -  Box CameraOr this one
Tower Snappy Vintage MEdium format camera, Tower-Snappy

(apparently I want to collect old cameras…)

9. An old/awesome copy of Romeo & Juliet.  I’ve been looking for an amazing copy because I love that book so much.  It’s beautiful.

10. Floral tights.  I need some.  I love them.

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