Artist of the Week: Ken Taylor

So, I found Ken Taylor when I saw his poster he made for Sucker Punch, (which I really enjoyed by they way, enough to see it twice in theaters). Anyways, then I looked him up and saw that he does some amazing work! Movie posters, band posters, album covers and more. He lives and works in Melbourne. I especially like some of the stuff he has done for the Avett Brothers. Anyways, check it out. And see more of his stuff here.



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Artist of the Week: Sylvia Ji

“Born in 1982, a native of San Francisco, Sylvia Ji’s artistic ability is akin to another time and place. Her work encapsulates an alluring beauty that is both cutting edge and timeless. Hauntingly beautiful images brimming with sexual provocation mix with a sense of consternation, hinting that all is not as well as it may initially appear.

Some of her paintings are symbolic reflections of herself, portraits of people she knows or just nameless faces set in a landscape of fleeting and decaying beauty. She graduated with distinction from the Academy of Art University of San Francisco with a BFA in traditional illustration and already had her first ambitious and successful solo show while still in her last year of school. Since then, she has been in high demand, keeping continuously engaged in an onslaught of numerous shows across the nation. She currently resides in Southern California.”

To see more click here!

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Artist of the Week: Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell is an amazing artist.  He is a tattoo artist and also does these incredible laser cuts into stacks of dollar bills.  I love them.

See more of his tattoos and laser cuts here.

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Artist of the Week: Alexa Meade

These are not paintings of people.  They are paintings ON people.

“Alexa Meade is a 23-year-old artist based in the Washington, DC area. The reverse trompe l’oeil series is Alexa Meade’s spin on reality. Alexa has invented a painting technique that makes 3 dimensional space look flat, blurring the lines between illusion and reality. Typically a painting is an artist’s interpretation of the subject painted onto another surface. In Alexa’s paintings, she creates her artistic interpretation of the subject directly on top of the subject itself. Essentially, her art imitates life – on top of life. By wrapping her subject in a mask of paint, she skews the way that the core of the subject is perceived.”

Learn more about Alexa Meade and see more images of her work here.

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Get Close

Some close-up portraits I have found on DeviantArt.  Check out these artists and others here.

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A Bit of Black & White

Here’s a few of my favorite black and white portraits I have recently found on deviantart.

To see more of my favorites and check out these artists click here!

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Artist of the Week: Lori Earley

Lori Earley is a painter from New York City.  She paints these incredibly ethereal portraits in a style that distorts realism, yet are done so well that you almost believe there is someone out there who looks like that.  I really love her sense of light in these paintings and also her choice of color palettes in each work.  Love.

For more on Lori Earley click here.

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Smoking is Cool

…or at least it sure LOOKS cool…

you can find these images and others here and click on them to see the different artist’s other works.

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Artist of the Week: James Jean

James Jean is a TaiwaneseAmerican award winning artist and illustrator living in Los Angeles.

He was born in Taiwan but was raised in Parsippany-Troy Hills, New Jersey.[2] He was educated at theSchool of Visual Arts in New York City. Upon graduating in 2001, he quickly became an acclaimed cover artist for DC Comics, garnering seven Eisner awards, three consecutive Harvey awards, two gold medals and a silver from the Society of Illustrators of LA, and a gold medal from the Society of Illustrators of NY. He has also contributed to many national and international publications. His clients include Time MagazineThe New York TimesRolling StoneSpinESPNAtlantic RecordsTarget,PlayboyKnopfPrada among others. He has also illustrated covers for the comic book series Fablesand The Umbrella Academy, for which he has won six Eisner Awards for “Best Cover Artist”.
For more info click here.
To view more of Jean’s work click here or here. Viewer discretion is advised.

I just found this one and I love it!!! Had to add it…

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Artist of the Week: Sam Weber

Sam Weber was born in Alaska, and grew up in Deep River Ontario, Canada. After attending the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, he moved to
New York to pursue illustration and attend graduate school at The School of Visual Arts. His studio is in Brooklyn.

I just love Sam Weber’s illustrations.  He uses subtle colors and beautiful textures that portray perfect emotions and feelings in each of his pieces.

Click here to see more images by Sam Weber.
But for now, here are some of my favorites.

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